I'm Cait Sherwood, a mixed-media painter who works into art journals.

I make art from the trash of the art I made before.

More Growth on the Painting Wall/A Progression of Decreasing Possibilities

I also posted this on Instagram because this quote has been transformational for me.  It is a simple description that solidifies so much of what confuses me as I paint.  The pull that I feel to paint is so big and dark and mysterious and inviting and so so comfortable.   The quote from Art & Fear reminds me that this is because it is the imagined piece.  

The imagined piece is a real thing, if thoughts are things, but it just isn't a painting.  And I need to focus on painting.

As I paint, as possibilities are converted into realities, I feel a growing sense of loss.  I've known this to be true, but I have resisted it.  Because I don't think I view my paintings, the objects, as precious.  I'm kind of proud of that, too.  But I see now, that state I'm in, the one that moves me to paint...I LOVE that state.  And I love it because of the safety I feel in a space of potential.  

And as it spills out of me, I miss it.  And then I look at the painting, comparing it to that feeling I miss, and it just doesn't hold up.  At that point, I still like the painting, but not with the same investment and commitment I felt when I was drawn to create it.

Imagine that new sky-like painting on the right above the middle one.  I really want to put it up there but I want to add more layers.

Invitation Suite for Emily

Two Paintings are Merging