I'm Cait Sherwood, a mixed-media painter who works into art journals.

I make art from the trash of the art I made before.

Weird Trust


I have awakened in this world, I have responded by following a weird trust.  

I've had this thought for a long time, but recently I noticed it--I don't consider myself "good at art".  I do love making art, and being an artist, and talking about art, and thinking about art, and wondering why I want to make art.  I love visual art and creativity to the extent that I consider it my lifestyle.  But, I don't feel good at it.  Also, I don't feel bad at it.  And, I don't care how I measure up.  

Because it's like... measure up to what??  

I think this is noteworthy only because I dedicate so much of my mental space to the art making process.  I have relationships with various rectangles, and then I post images of these rectangles on this website or Instagram and ask people to look at them.  Why would I do this if I didn't feel excellent at it?  I have heard mixed opinions about my work and none of it seems to affect the fact that I "must" (I laugh at myself, because of the weird trust) keep painting and experimenting with mark-making.  

I laugh at myself as I imagine my dog does when she sees me stare at a rectangle for hours at a time.   Zoom out from the circumstance of painting and it is clear how arbitrary and specific mark-making is.  Zoom in and it's EVERYTHING ON EARTH!

Conversely, I was formally trained at the piano throughout my childhood.  I received support, praise, and awards for my skill.  I did not follow a weird trust.  Rather, I followed the rules.  I moved through workbooks, level by level and I enjoyed it!  I still enjoy it--but I am not compelled toward it and I don't consider it my lifestyle.  



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