I'm Cait Sherwood, a mixed-media painter who works into art journals.

I make art from the trash of the art I made before.

Beach painting

I have been imagining gigantic paintings, and I don't have space to make them yet.  So,  I've been drawing small pictures that represent large paintings.  Then, I found myself energized just making the small ones.  I love that I can try any old thing quickly.  I "finish" them fast.  I don't overthink it if they don't end up in a place I like--which is what I do when I work larger.  I'm just playing around, painting whatever, ocean, sea oats, plants...


So I've been using a luxurious two weeks at the beach with family to churn out some teeny tiny paintings (and swim in the ocean, and watch Downton Abbey, and eat ice cream).  These little ones in various states of finish, are about 3"x4", on plywood which is regularly thrown out at my day job.  

I love having so many different surfaces and visual circumstances to react to.  That way I always have something else to work on while layers dry.  In between working on panels, I like to trace a plywood square into my big brown book and make more  drawings of paintings.


I am letting myself work abstractly.  This has been brewing for a while.  I tend to feel like there needs to me some kind of realism echoing through my paintings.  And that's fine, and I do think it works well.  But I fight against myself to just let things be abstract.  Working through The Artist's Way got me thinking, "... why?"  What is the harm in making a bunch of abstracts?  I love looking at them.  I want to make them .  I will let myself.  Steadily spinning these out, seeing where it will go.  

Tiny paintings continued

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