I'm Cait Sherwood, a mixed-media painter who works into art journals.

I make art from the trash of the art I made before.

January 20 & 21, 2015: Art Journal Every Day

Continuing each day.  

I've had a few experiences when I was not just uninspired, but in a bad mood about something, making me resistant to sitting down at my art journal.  But I've taken to the idea that even if I feel rotten like that, I still need to work.  

Even if it's just scribbling, even if it's just a field of color.  I stand by that.  Because even when it feels pointless, when I come back to it and work on it more, I realize how good for me it was.  It's not really about affecting my mood, it's just about insisting to myself that I stay connected to my visual art practice.

And here's a page I'm not quite done with yet:

January 22, 2015: Art Journal Every Day

Drawing from Within