I'm Cait Sherwood, a mixed-media painter who works into art journals.

I make art from the trash of the art I made before.

January 9, 2015: Art Journal Every Day

Today was one of those days where I just had to let it go.  I found myself going in circles with this one hoping for something (?) that didn't happen.  This is a huge part of the creative process, and it doesn't upset me or anything.

  • The right side started with an old screen print I had left over from a print portfolio with friends in 2012.  I have a pile of them leftover, which I should totally recycle at this point.  Anyway, I glued that down and then I painted and collaged all over it.  I collaged a tissue-like lacy paper that I've had since I worked at a Paper Store ten years ago.
  • On the left is a figure based (oh so loosely) on a painting I saw on Tumblr.  For the next while I am going to draw & paint more bodies and faces, which is necessary for upcoming projects.
  • So yeah, this page, though it's all fine and good, ended with me abandoning it.  That is the hardest part of the artistic process for me--letting go!  I feel safer when I say "it's not finished!"  I am working on letting go, and saying "here it is, it is what it is, and I made it."  It doesn't define me as an artist, it's just a visual thing that happened in my art journal.  
  • Posting on Instagram every day is new.  I feel as though I am sharing too much, like as if it could be annoying.  Then I'm like... oh well.  I always have vulnerable feelings following my compulsion to share.  Sometimes I have to post things I don't want to post, just to honor the posting every day part of the process.  It's not a huge deal, it's just different than usual, when I only post what I think is interesting or relevant.  I wonder how I'll feel after 31 days.
  • Every day I work on layers on all different pages of this journal.  I am posting pages where I put my last layers.  I have like 15 spreads right now that look totally random and unresolved, but will eventually satisfy me enough to call done.  I think I will post some unresolved spreads, too.
  • Because I love intuitive painting and process, I was so into this podcast Tiffany Han recorded with Flora Bowley.  
  • A personal takeaway from this art journaling challenge: my art journal is the soil for my work.  I scratch at it and tend it every day, and things grow.  It amazes me.  Some days this week I was intensely sick with a stomach virus.  On those days all I could muster was some simple mark making, but because of this personal January commitment, I did it.  It amazes me how important it is.  The more I tend to my art journal, the more my ideas strengthen and come to the light--something I thought I already knew.

January 10, 2015: Art Journal Every Day

January 8, 2015: Art Journal Every Day