I'm Cait Sherwood, a mixed-media painter who works into art journals.

I make art from the trash of the art I made before.



This is typically what my traveler's notebook looks like: completely stuffed with scraps and things.  Also if my pages are still wet but I need to get to another page or close my book, I will jam whole paint tubes in there to keep the paper from touching.  It kind of works.  But mostly my pages end up sticking together and I have lots of tearing and general ruining happening in my book.  :)

This is my art basket!  I love this thing and I use it all the time.  It's really simple--it's just a basket.  Any supplies or papers or projects I have going on can fit in here and I can easily move them from the house to my studio to wherever I need to be.  This also makes it easier for me to work on art spontaneously because I have a bunch of supplies gathered already.  I just went to the beach for two weeks and this basket was my portable studio.  


This is my beach set-up.  I sit on this picnic table on the deck and work on a couple of paintings at a time, as well as into my art journal.  You can't see my glorious view of the ocean, unfortunately.  Pictured here are the first layers of paint--as usual they look nothing like the painting ends up (below.)

An in-progress page.  Gluing down old scraps, using fabric tape from the craft store, using paper as a paint palette and then collaging with it, using my favorite Acryla gouache.

There are the final two "beach paintings" inspired by the ocean and the plant life in North Carolina, but really just their own environments.

If you like reading about art process, follow Amanda at The Art Assembly.  She shares interviews about how people integrate art making into their lives and careers.  I was very lucky to be featured on her site!  We talked about art journaling and my plans to build an e-course.  Read the interview here. 

Xeroxes & Drawings

Paper Quilt