I'm Cait Sherwood, a mixed-media painter who works into art journals.

I make art from the trash of the art I made before.

Collaborative Journal with Amy Maricle

Lately I have been really into collaborating with other artists through art journaling.  I approached Amy Maricle of Mindful Art Studio to work on one together and luckily she agreed!

I am actually rather scattered and busy at the moment because I am in the final weeks of completing all the work for my first gallery show.   Art journaling is core to my painting process, though, and I am still doing lots of it.  I have noticed that I use the process of art journaling as a warm up space for my painting.  Usually when I start a studio session, I just start doing anything at all into my various books and journals.  It doesn't take long until I bring it onto canvases, too.

Also, when I'm ready to stop working on a painting for the day, I often have some extra paint.  So I just go ahead and put that paint down into my journals to build upon later.


Here are the bottom layers of my collaboration with Amy!  I am going to mail this little accordion book to her so she can work into it, so these pages will look different next time you see them.

Amy has also started a small accordion book that I will be receiving in the mail soon.  Read about Amy's take on this process on her blog.


I added some xeroxed drawings I had around, and also some pages from an old book about quilts, which I painted over.

I can't get enough of these little Moleskine accordion books!  Definitely give those a try if you haven't before!

Amy cut lots of circles into her journal (you can see it on her Instagram.)  I had fun cutting into mine, too.  Especially because once I glued so much onto the pages it affected how the book folds.  I cut the crazy parts off so that I could close the book nicely.   


Big Accordion

Peaceable Kingdom Again