I'm Cait Sherwood, a mixed-media painter who works into art journals.

I make art from the trash of the art I made before.

Week 46

I am so glad I have been painting on canvas recently.  I usually direct most of my artistic energy to my sketchbooks and I miss painting.  A few people have pointed out to me that I either make very tiny work or very large.  I am fine with that but it has made me think about making more medium sized things.  It's funny, I think when I went to art school I started avoiding 18x24 inch pieces because that was considered standard at the time.  

I love painting big but then I end up with enormous paintings, and I often want to destroy them.  I cut them up and they end up in pieces, being worked into smaller pieces.  I like doing that.  It feels natural.  

In truth I cannot really decide on the size of a painting because as the composition develops I get this urge to either cut down or add size.  I can attempt to guess the "right" size to begin with but I am wrong so often.

It's also strange to be so focused on developing a painting that I don't understand.  I have inclinations about it, but not really words.  If forced to describe, it is definitely feeling like abstract landscape.  I would paint a straightforward landscape but then I inevitably get distracted and start messing around with the paint and interrupting it.  

I am so grateful for this new-to-me easel that fell into my life.


 I also started working into the sketchbook I made last week.  The small size is a nice change.  It's very small though!  The pages are each 4x4.5 inches.

Here is the first page of the new book:


Another page inside the book.  I tend to work out of order when I make books that have such a variety of papers.  When a sketchbook has all the same type of paper I tend to go from beginning to end.  This was partially made at a craft night with friends and I got to use my friend Kristen's stamp collection.


Thinking about selling some remaining pieces from my 2016 Scraps show.  I do like having them around but also I don't want to stay drowning in my work, I want to leave space to make new work.  Here's one:


This is my "palette" when I am painting.  I tend to wipe excess paint here, and also mix paint with matte medium or mix colors.  It evolves just as the real painting evolves and sometimes I want to stop and take a picture.  


I found a folder of paintings on paper from a few years ago.  Here is a xeroxed drawing of Leonora Carrington's childhood home, Crookhey Hall, which I then painted with gouache.  I love this painting and I think I am going to frame it.  It looks very haunted which it doesn't need to.

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