I'm Cait Sherwood, a mixed-media painter who works into art journals.

I make art from the trash of the art I made before.

Week 14

This week I started The 100 Day Project, which I don't expect to finish.  I have decided to prioritize drawing with my favorite pencil (General's Sketch & Wash) each day and post what I draw.  I am also hoping that by saying that I won't finish it, I might surprise myself! I rebel against myself constantly and it has been my life's journey to get myself to do stuff.  

Hopefully I will become more confident with my drawing or make some kind of progress I don't expect.  Some of the drawings will be for sale, if they are on paper, but sometimes I will draw into my sketchbook and just leave it there.


I decided that this one is finished:

This one is for sale,  click here to purchase .

This one is for sale, click here to purchase.

Below you can see I drew a straightforward portrait but then I didn't feel like I wanted it so I painted over it, and drew patterns over that.  I am fine with this as this type of constant layered obscuring has contributed to my overall style, but still this proves how weird I feel about my drawings at times.

And my IG friend Julie (@creativelittlehut) made these awesome paper feathers and was nice enough to mail me some along with these amazing tiny scraps for me to use!  What a fun mail day that was.

Week 15

Week 15

Week 13

Week 13