I'm Cait Sherwood, a mixed-media painter who works into art journals.

I make art from the trash of the art I made before.

Week 16: Wall of 100 Paintings

Week 16: Wall of 100 Paintings

I am working on a 100 Day Project this year.  You can click that link to learn more about the 100 Day Project, but you basically pick something to work on for 100 days.  Mine is kind of vague this year, I'm calling it a wall of 100 paintings.  I am not creating 100 paintings in 100 days...rather, I am aiming to have a wall of 100-or-so paintings at the end of the 100 days.

Some of those 100 paintings already exist.  Most do not exist yet.  The goal of this is to break myself (or really, to trick myself) out of my default painting mindset.  Usually I am working on one painting (and many sketchbooks).  I need the goal to be bigger than one painting so I won't obsess over it and get stuck on it.  So now the goal, instead of one painting, is a wall of many paintings.  Each individual painting becomes less precious--now it's a small part of a bigger thing.  

I like the work I make in books better than my paintings on canvas, but I'd like to work at a bigger scale.  I need to find a way to approach my paintings more casually and freely, like I approach my sketchbooks.

I'm a week into it and it has been working.  I have started many blank canvases.  Some of them are close to resolution.  But again, resolution isn't really the goal.  The goal is a wall of 100 paintings.  The number 100 doesn't even really matter to me... just like... a ton of them.  So if I end up with 84 paintings in July instead of 100 I will feel good about the project.  

Okay, my explain-a-thon is over.  Here are some pics of my recent paintings.  Not sure what is really going on yet, but some of it is brambly and tangly.  And I am using up tons of paint.


And here is my recent sketchbook work:

Week 17/18: Sketchbooks

Week 17/18: Sketchbooks

Week 14

Week 14