I'm Cait Sherwood, a mixed-media painter who works into art journals.

I make art from the trash of the art I made before.

January Work

January Work

Landscapes have continued to emerge through a cold January.

My studio is in a barn so it can be very cold and challenging to work in during the winter months. But this year, I told myself I have to make it work. Slowly but surely I am moving every art thing I own from my house to my studio. Now I can no longer be tempted to make art on the couch. I have found that if I dress appropriately with layers and set up my heater near where I am working, it’s manageable. There was one too-cold day when my paint water froze, but that was just the one day. It’s really just a mental shift. If I want to make art, I need to walk out to my studio and do it there.

I also added a small piano into my studio, and that has helped me a lot for some reason. When I don’t know what to do, or I need a break, I just play the piano for a while.

It’s been gouache and watercolor pencils on linen, lately.

February Work

February Work

Landscapes in 2019

Landscapes in 2019